The case of public opinion versus Nancy Grahn's Twitter post about Viola Davis


In this day of Facebook/Twitter ranting, policing and crucifixion, do you think that we're better or worse as a people than we were in the past?

Did we always have these sorts of thoughts?  Or is it the seemingly disconnected nature of social media that makes us say cruel things about other people?

On the same note, are we better as a whole or worse?  It's very easy for people to like, dislike, and comment on people that we consider to be at fault.  But aren't we worse than a single person who says a stupid thing, when we unilaterally decide that this person should lose their jobs because we don't like what they say or do?

Elected officials are one thing, but random folks (even actors or radio show hosts) shouldn't be fired for speaking their opinions. I don't like what this woman said.  I don't like what Kim Davis is doing.  I don't like what people like Rush Limbaugh say.  I don't like what some comedians say. But why should my opinion dictate whether or not that person can make a living?!  I have some VERY STRONG opinions myself.  I find it frightening to think that a stupid thing that I say or post in a moment can ruin my entire life.  We have to draw the line somewhere because eventually we will ALL find ourselves on the wrong side of public opinion.

Robyn PayneComment