I'm so tired of so-called christians! Or Trump's America

At church today, many of the prayer requests were from people who are afraid they'll be kicked out of their HOMES. There was one from a woman who happens to be out of the country who now cannot come back HOME to the US, because of these policies. Not an anecdote. A real, live person... who just happens to be a Christian.

I'm not sure how many people you work, live, go to church with, etc. who are either immigrants and/or from middle eastern countries. But this is not simply a measure that keeps "us" safe. There is no "us" anymore. We are all God's creatures and many are His Children.

Imagine if your children who have just gone off to college could not continue their education because of this. Can you even imagine how many people won't be able to return to university because of this? Many immigrants have shitty jobs (that you DON'T want) and send their crap pay home to take care of their families. I've worked with men who were engineers in their countries, and are busboys HERE. But they do it. These are not jobs that nobody else wants.

It's very easy to state these new decrees "objectively" when they don't affect anyone in your inner or outer circles.

I live in NYC. I moved here in February of 2001. I have lived through a major terrorist attack. I have worked very closely with Muslims. I live in a neighborhood with mostly Chinese, Latino, and Bengali people. Just like you, they work hard for their families. They love their families and they love America. Because I live HERE and lived through 9/11 in NYC, I know the difference between rhetoric and reality. "There is no fear in Love!" And there's not much to fear, by way of terrorists. I more afraid of some white kook going into a church and blowing my brains out, or a crazy racist cop, than I am of an Islamic terrorist. And that it the honest to God truth! And yet, I'm still NOT afraid, because I know Who I belong to!

Someone used an analogy of a father protecting his Children by locking the door, but I'd like to remind you of our Heavenly Father who holds all of us in His hands.

I find it very difficult to believe that He is pleased with legislation that pushes some people away for the good of a different group of people. "He is not a respecter of persons."

If you'll recall, Jesus would have been killed as a baby, if His parents hadn't had become refugees in Egypt. One of Jesus' first evangelists was the Samaritan woman. Jews hated Samaritans, and she was an outcast among her own people, but THROUGH LOVE, Jesus changed her life and she told everyone in her town and they all believed.

Jesus didn't do the "prudent" thing. He didn't worry about what was best for He and His disciples. He LOVED his neighbor! That loose woman at the well!

I want Christians to start treating EVERYONE the way that Christ taught us to. "Love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus did NOT say, "love the neighbor (that you've approved to live in your gated community) as yourself!"

When will Christians stop exalting their own desire for safety and self-preservation over God's Word?

"The GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE!" When we put our trust in walls, and rhetoric, we can keep telling ourselves that we are praying for God's Will, but what we are erecting are IDOLS. "My job. My insurance premiums. My country." We even try to fit God into our unGodly boxes. But Jesus PLAINLY told us to lay down our lives. ALL OF THIS STUFF is to be given to God. He is the God of Abundance. There is no shortage of Provision, Safety, or Protection, when we give everything to Him.

Please tell me how self-preservation, "America first", this 'let me take care of mine' attitude, lines up with God's Word? Even Jesus put others before His own mother and brothers. But we call ourselves a Christian nation, with this self serving attitude? We have been a nation that has brazenly taken God's name in vain, and place our desires and our 'rights' above His Word.

Who do we trust? Trump? The Obama administration? Grass roots movements?

If I KNOW who I am, in Christ, I DO NOT CONCERN MYSELF with "what tomorrow brings." I do not make decisions based on fear! I do not vote against other people's free will and safety, and rights.

We are saved by Grace, not by nationality or political party. Not by personality. Not by our life choices, or how long we've been going to church. Salvation is a SUPERNATURAL ACT of God. Only by Holy Spirit do I have a REVELATION of who Christ is. And ONLY THROUGH LOVE, is my heart turned to God.

"His kindness brings us to repentance." Ergo, I am kind and LOVE as many people as possible. (From the homeless, to the drinks, to the creeps... I don't know who God wants me to love on.)  And sometimes it's awkward and uncomfortable, and sometimes just plain, "Eeeyuuww!", but WE ARE CALLED TO LOVE, so who cares how it feels, or what it costs?! I don't know whose soul it is that God is using me to plant His Seeds of Love in. So I (try to) love everyone.  All kinds!


If a person who is turned away from or put out of America, either misses out on a Love encounter with God, or internalizes their disappointment and never accepts Jesus as their savior, I am much more concerned with THAT, than I am my own safety and financial well being.

I believe that we ALL will stand before God on the day of Judgement, and give an account of the souls that have been eternally lost, either because of our actions, or our inactions.

So, NO! My Heavenly Father doesn't lock the door against other peoples because He loves each one of us, that He sent Christ to die for EACH OF US.

Fear is NEVER from God. EVER!!