Racism and Spiritual Warfare

THIS POST IS FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY--- (specifically the White one's in Indiana with whom I attended Heritage Christian School)

I am convinced that if EVERY person who claimed to be a Christian in America was actively praying and doing spiritual warfare, and actively seeking the Reconciliation (between God and each other) that Jesus died for us to have, that racism could not survive in America.
But too many people either aren't really Christians OR they're only Christians for their own personal benefit.  I am saddened that so many people who "preach and pray" on their Facebook pages have absolutely nothing to say or pray when it comes to their Brothers and Sisters in Christ being murdered because of their race.  They have nothing to "pray or say" to uplift their communities and friends when there is violence and heartache between law-enforcement and innocent people.  You'd think that the actions that have taken place in this country were plots on TV shows that they've never heard of. 

We are meant to stand in the gap for one another.  The psalmist said, "Blessed are the Peacemakers."  The Bible also says, "Seek Peace, and pursue it."  You cannot make Peace by ignoring a problem.  You also cannot fight "principalities and powers" if you don't acknowledge them for what they are.  This is not about the color of one's "flesh and blood."  This is about an old American idol, exalting itself.  If you buy into Americans vs them, then YOU are the idolater.  If you think that Black men are inherently dangerous, then it is YOU who has placed them upon an alter to be sacrificed to a false god.

The victims of the #CharlestonShooting are members of YOUR churches.  The innocent young men who are being killed by bad police officers are your sons.  A house divided cannot stand!  If you think that these things don't affect you, you are exalting another false god.  What matters to the One True Living God, should also be your heart's cry. 

I went to Heritage Christian School and was a happy little girl, even though I dealt with some racism when I was fairly young.  That was a thousand years ago!  Why are there still so many of you who seem not to care about people who don't seem like you?

If Jesus loves someone and died specifically for a person, who are YOU not to care??

Robyn PayneComment