What (s)he said!

Payne was the only actor to play one character, and that was perfect because she was the play’s center of gravity. Her Maggie was sassy and self-assured on the job, smoldering with sensuality, and all nicely balanced by a hesitation in matters of serious love.
— Telly Halkias, Bangor Daily News
And Robyn Payne, as Jory, powers her character like a courtroom and cultural veteran who knows how these fights can end.
— Steve Feeney, BroadwayWorld.com
Amir’s successful colleague Jory, (a commanding Robyn Payne)
— Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times
Actress Robyn Payne brings striking feeling to Kala’s signature song “You’ll Be in My Heart.” Payne’s warmth and inner strength as Tarzan’s simian mother do much to enhance the overlong first act.
— Jules Becker, Bay State Banner
Robyn Payne gives a touching performance as Madeleine.
— Robert L. Daniels, Variety.com
Robyn is fabulous in this emotional role and wins thunderous applause at her talented portrayal.
— Tony Annicone, Theatre Mirror
Robyn Payne’s rich alto resonates in every song.
— Sheila Barth, Independent Newspapers
Robyn Payne as Madeleine was the nicest surprise. A beauty with real acting chops. Underused in this role.
— Ed Menapace, Mostly Theatre
Robyn Payne, a standout in last season’s Portland Stage production of “Disgraced,” reveals her versatility here in playing a hard-boiled detective with a soft center. She may be a romantic underneath, but Payne’s Maggie winningly projects a few sharp zingers as she investigates a murder most mysterious.
— Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald
Robyn Payne is at once vulnerable and tough as Maggie Pelletier.
— Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, BroadwayWorld.com
Robyn Payne plays Marcia Lycus as a full-bodied madame with a Eurotrash accent.
— Linda Lowen, Syracuse Post-Standard
Robyn Payne’s office manager Miss Flannery displays a musical comedy spark that goes beyond the role’s comic charicature.
— David Cuthbert, Times-Picayune
And who could forget rich cabaret singer Muzzy Van Hossmere (Robyn Payne), whose powerful rendition of “Only in New York” jazzed up the opening night in sultry triumph?
— Marcia Morphy, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Two River has a star-in-the-making with Robyn Payne, who plays Madeleine... Payne’s glorious voice is as welcome to the audience as her tender ministrations are to Guy.
— Peter Filichia, The Star-Ledger
Robyn Payne is noteworthy as Miss Flannery.
— Howard Miller, The Huntsville Times
In a smaller role as the stern Miss Flannery, Robyn Payne was a comedic delight.
— Pamela Morse, The Birmingham News
As the central hard-boiled soul mates, Tucker and Payne, with their knowing, fast-talk banter, share a snappy rapport and sexual energy. Payne’s Maggie, has a great deadpan and a brusque, no-nonsense sexiness.
— Megan Grumbling, The Portland Pheonix
Payne and Cohen are bracing presences, handling quips and acid revelations with the same chilling clarity.
— Len Fonte, Syracuse Post-Standard
As the gender switched brothel madame Marcia Lycus, Robyn Payne purrs with elegance.
— Ross Haarstad, Ithaca Times
Robyn Payne is superb as Camille, teasing every emotion turn of a complicated character and captivating the audience with her sultry vocals.
— Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited
Robyn Payne gives individuality, as well as a powerful voice, to Kala’s maternal devotion.
— Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe
Tarzan’s adopted ape mother Kala is played with power and great emotion by Robyn Payne, who has a gorgeous voice for this role, in which she sings fine Collins songs like “You’ll Be In My Heart.
— Sally Applegate, Wicked Local
Payne’s warm mezzo voice matches her stage personality, as Madeleine.
— Simon Saltzman, TheatreScene.net
Robyn Payne, as Madeleine, also fills the hall. Her syncopated duet with von Essen is refreshing, if all too brief.
— Philip Dorian, The Two River Times
Supervisor Miss Flannery (Robyn Payne) delightfully over the top), is fabulous in “Forget About the Boy.
— Charles Whaley, The Courier-Journal